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Enhance your publications and books with our striking illustrations. Our unique style and creative approach guarantee attention that leads to market success.


Custom graphic solutions tailored to you.

With our comprehensive graphic design services, we provide a unique identity to every project. Our innovative illustrations ensure that your publication stands out from the crowd.

Choose our illustrations to open up a new dimension for your publications and projects. With us, you'll find not only traditional graphic solutions but also fresh, creative ideas and unique artworks that will help you stand out. Whether it's book illustrations, web design, or the visual execution of marketing materials, we guarantee modernity and visual innovation. Let us make your website, book, or advertisement unforgettable and more effective with our illustrations.

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Art and Illustration in the Business World

We create compositions for your visual communications, and can provide solutions for your projects. Thanks to the uniqueness of our art, your publications will never become simply templated and boring. We are also skilled in the Psychology of Illustration, and illustrate a variety of products, including books, catalogs, magazines. Thanks to this approach based on psychological principles, we can effectively analyze the impact of illustrations on the target group.

Fairy Tale Illustration
Fairy Tale Illustration

Bring your fairy tales to life with our stunning illustrations! Our creative and unique approach creates a magical visual world that captivates your readers. Whether it's classic children's fairy tales or modern stories, our personalized images enhance the charm and market appeal of your publications. Stand out from the crowd with our unique visual presentation, and create an unforgettable reading experience.


With our illustrations, we bring every story to life! Whether it's a book, decorative images, wall paintings, or canvases, our unique and creative solutions ensure you stand out. Our professional team ensures that your ideas are realized in an impressive visual form, enhancing the aesthetics and uniqueness of your environment.

Publication Design
Publication Design

With our publication design, we make every project special! Whether it's a magazine, brochure, book, or report, our unique and innovative approach ensures you'll stand out. Our professional team strives to transform your ideas into stunning and visually captivating forms, enhancing the impact and appeal of your publication.

Web Graphics
Web Graphics

With our web graphics, we invigorate every online platform! Whether it's a website, banner, social media graphics, or email campaigns, our unique and innovative designs ensure you'll stand out. Our professional team is dedicated to realizing your digital ideas in an attention-grabbing and visually stunning manner, strengthening your online presence and appeal.


What Do We Offer?

Creative Graphic and Illustration Solutions.

Our goal is to support your market prominence with unique and enchanting illustrative and graphic solutions. Whether it's about illustration, character design, book illustration, poster creation, or other visual art projects, our team crafts personalized, impactful, and aesthetically appealing plans. We pay attention to incorporating elements that reflect your visual identity, using the latest technologies and artistic trends, thereby ensuring a creative advantage over the competition. With our extensive range of illustration and graphic design services, you can find everything necessary for success.

Our portfolio

Discover how your visual ideas come to life with us, and how we create stunning graphics for you.


Our year of establishment: 2000

Galantusz Graphics is the place where every aspect of graphic design artistry is realized with great efficiency, creating stunning and impactful visual solutions. Choose us if you want graphic work that not only delights the eye but also conveys a message.

Our Blogs

Read our blogs, where we unveil the fascinating world of illustrations for you.

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If you're looking for a breathtaking book illustration...
Galantusz Grafika illustracion
2024 Mar 30
If you're looking for a breathtaking book illustration...

Book illustration is not just a collection of images that add color to the text. It's much more: a...

Storybook Illustration: A Tool for Vocabulary Expansion and Language Skill Development
Galantusz Grafika illustracion
2024 Mar 7
Storybook Illustration: A Tool for Vocabulary Expansion and Language Skill Development

Storybook illustration is not just about letting imagination take flight on paper; it is a complex form of...

Storybook Illustration as a Means of Connection
Galantusz Grafika illustracion
2024 Feb 24
Storybook Illustration as a Means of Connection

How Storybook Illustrations Stimulate Children's Imagination and Encourage a Love of Reading...

The Magical World of Fairy Tale Illustrations at Galantusz Graphics
Galantusz Grafika illusztráció
2024 Feb 15
The Magical World of Fairy Tale Illustrations at Galantusz Graphics

Discover how we bring to life the stories of your dreams with the latest graphic trends and...


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Illustrations We Create: Creativity and Psychological Knowledge Merge for the Perfect Result

The illustrations we create not only reflect our creativity but also our psychological expertise. As a result, the final product excels not only aesthetically but also in its application.



Beautiful Graphics: Let Our Creative Team Help...

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Choose Galantusz Graphics! Our numerous creative projects demonstrate our experience and expertise. Our flexible and personalized graphic design and execution solutions are available worldwide. Entrust us with your graphic and printing tasks!

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